Winter Dance Party Books

Dancing As If  There Is No Tomorrow

Books 1 -3

BOOK ONE: January 23 – February 01, 1959

BOOK TWO: February 02 – February 03, 1959

BOOK THREE: February 03 – February 15, 1959

Each book will be released within four month increments. After consulting with some very trusted friends in the community, I really do feel that this is the best way to go. The first book will cost no more than thirty dollars, and the short gap in between volumes will allow the reader to absorb all of the information that I’ve gathered (Yes, there really is that much!) and also give you a chance to save up your pennies for the next volume. I think I might take some brickbats for breaking the story up like this way, but please do take into consideration that I am self-publishing my history out of my own pocket (with help from family members too, I should add)and this is an expensive undertaking. Having the gap between books takes a little pressure off of me financially. Also, each book is just that: A BOOK. It’s not a slim magazine or pamphlet or even a booklet…It’s a book!


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Hey Buddy : Gary W Moore

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Words Of Love 1959-2009

Words of Love 1959 – 2009 ( My Tribute Book )

130 pages of excerpts and interviews from those that knew Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens,The Big Bopper and pilot Roger Peterson
( friends,family and fans )

 7 never before published photos of Buddy Holly

 and The Crickets ( Hershey Pa 1958 )

For more information,Please email Gary Clevenger

To read a few book reviews please visit

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Words Of Love 1959-2009

Finished Words of Love earlier tonight…and it’s not a typical Buddy Holly book.
 It is an amassment of many of the most heart touching thoughts, memories, anecdotes about Buddy, Jape Richardson, Ritchie Valens, and Roger Peterson (whom it is very nice to see honored alongside the Three Stars), as well as very warm well-wishes and prayers for them.
 I advise having a box of Kleenex or handkerchief handy when progressing through what is indeed a labor of love on the behalf of quite the Stargazer in Gary. Most highly recommended to all Buddy army members, other fellow Stargazers/Ritchie and Bopper admirers, and 50’s rock ‘n roll enthusiasts! And an enormous, thunderous round of applause for not only Gary, but especially each and everyone who took the time to contribute the very title thing to his book.


Caroline Erin Smith



Hi Gary

I am really enjoying your book,what you have accomplished is outstanding. Soon there will be no one around to tell the stories. I find the book very interesting because it puts a whole new perspective on their lives.They were just the same as you and me,same hopes and dreams. They goofed off just like anyone else.growing up. We all tend to put Rock Stars on a pedestal and feel they are untouchable.Nothing could be further from the truth. Buddy had such drive and ambition,he knew exactly what he wanted in life and went for it.

I really envy people who where fortunate enough to see him perform,same goes for Ritchie,such talent. Because they died so young and so violently they never reached their full potential. All of them certainly deserve our love and respect,each of us fans due our part by making sure they aren’t forgotten in our own ways. You,my friend have gone way beyond that,by putting your book together.

Mike Havens



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Talking about Words Of Love 1959-2009



What a good read, well worth all your efforts !!!

Tony Warran


I enjoyed reading Gary Clevenger’s recently published book "Words of Love 1959 – 2009"

All the comments and interviews in the book are actually "words of love" from friends and family of the great Buddy Holly.

From reading the words, a person can see a glimpse into the person that was Buddy Holly for 22 years.

 Vicky Pickering




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Buddy Holly Is Alive And Well


The enduring magic of the 1950s rock ’n’ roll icon Buddy Holly and the visual and emotional excitement of action/sci-fi/fantasy films will be the attractive mix of BUDDY HOLLY IS ALIVE AND WELL.
Based on the popular book BUDDY HOLLY IS ALIVE AND WELL ON GANYMEDE by BRADLEY DENTON (, the film depicts the story of Oliver Vale, a common young man suddenly called to unexpected adventures when TV screens go blank across the world and the 1950s rock pioneer Buddy Holly is alive again, performing from Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter.
For those that donate, we are offering a variety of perks including a chance to be an executive producer
on the feature film.
Says one reviewer of the book: “This is a terrific book, and I’m amazed someone has the good taste to turn it into a movie.”

So have good taste, donate for the cause, and don’t forget to tell all your friends and neighbors to do the same

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Buddy Holly Lives

Local author Gary Clevenger says Holly left a cultural impact in other
ways.Clevenger is editing a book of essays about Holly, the Big Bopper,
Valens and pilot Roger Peterson, who also died in the plane crash.Clevenger
says John Lennon was reluctant to perform while wearing his glasses — until
he saw footage of Holly in concert while wearing his signature horn-rimmed
Howard Kramer, a curator at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and
Museum in Cleveland, agrees with Clevenger that Holly may have been rock’s
first Every Man.“Chuck Berry was very cool with the thin mustache and he
was a showman,” Kramer says. “Buddy was this tall guy and he wore those
glasses. People saw him and felt that they could (make music), too.
Billy McGuigan says the common man sensibility that Holly brought to the music
can be heard in the energy of rock music



Hi Everyone,

If you do not already have a copy of Gary Clevenger’s “Words of Love 1959 – 2009”, might I suggest you order your copy immediately?

Gary and I have walked some of the same roads in regards to our hero Buddy Holly, and I know some of the trials and tribulations he has faced in getting this wonderful book out. The good news is that it is finally available and is just packed with new information about Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. Richardson. An extra bonus is that Roger Peterson is also well represented, which should please many fans who feel that Roger is not always remembered like he should be.

Congratulations on this book, Gary. It’s a truly great addition to our Buddy Holly libraries!

Ryan Vandergriff ( Author )






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